May 25 – June 19, 2010

Michael Carini, Jesse Kerr

The beauty of decay; balance, contrast, and conflict found in the moments of tension that define the modern world. An exploration of the simultaneous connection and disconnection to nature, observations of manmade environments and structuring in relation to the natural world, and the effects of technology and information on society, nature and ourselves.

Carini and Kerr like to create pictures that can be difficult to decipher.

The IDEA: to hold a viewer’s interest and curiosity a bit longer than more straightforward offerings;

The INTENT: to make someone actually think about the work, it’s meaning, and how they feel about it, and maybe feel a sense of wonder, versus quickly recognizing a scene or easily recognizable symbols and quickly moving on.

The HOPE: allowing the viewer to more actively participate in the meaning derived form the work.

The artists seek to prompt an experience through association, symbol, and memory versus depicting a quick, clear and easy to decipher meaning, using abstracted forms and symbols, contrasting geometric and organic forms.


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