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GREED: A Love Story

San Diego artist C.Martino takes a rye look at the Good Life in GREED: A Love Story, his new series of paintings, large scale prints and sculptural tableau giving the Wall Street set their due.


Heavy water wins the day, whether you’re dropping into it, or its dropping onto you. Art show from artist JOHN CULQUI and C.MARTINO.

Migration (Where to next?)

Pop-inflected meditations on transience, transition and transformation – a visit to the places we find ourselves in between – after we’ve left “Here” and before we’ve arrived “There”.

pxaGREED: A Love Story
Haute Daze + Derivative Nights
in the Land of the 1%

Artists C. Martino

April 28th - August 11, 2012
Opening Reception:
SAT, April 28th 2011, 6-9pm

Co-Merge Workspace

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